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Michael Baumann is an accomplished speaker. He is a well-informed expert on the Iraq War.  His expertise comes from a twenty-year career in the U.S. Army, and service on high-level combatant command staffs and on the frontlines commanding soldiers in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He has a compelling message for Americans to consider in this war as they try to make sense of what they hear and see.  Baumann is adept at explaining complex Army systems and Army transformation and at explaining the military operations of this war.  What the news media fails to provide for many people is context and clear understanding of military operations in Iraq; Baumann simplifies and clarifies what the media misses.  Even more, Baumann has a well founded argument and explanation for how the Iraq War can be won and how the U.S. can get out of Iraq sooner rather than later--the one answer almost every American is looking for from politicians but no politicians provide.

If you have an interest in booking Mr. Baumann for a speaking engagement with your group, please contact Michael directly by email: or telephone (612) 325-5519; or contact Mr. Engen by email: or by phone: (651) 216-5865.

Mr. Baumann does not charge a speaking fee unless he must travel more than 40 miles from his residence in Lakeville, MN.  His fee for that is $50.  If he travels for an overnight stay he charges $200.  Instead of a speaking fee, he asks permission to promote and offer his book for sale at your event.

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