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The Aging Challenge: Making the Most of Life After 50, by Clifton Ware
The Aging Challenge: Making the Most of Life After 50, by Clifton Ware Quantity in Basket: None
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Making the Most of Life After 50

Dr. Clifton Ware, a distinguished singer and retired voice professor at the University of Minnesota, has spent 57 of his 72 years advocating wholistic self-care to thousands of students. In The Aging Challenge, Dr. Ware relates personal stories and lessons from many sources in addressing the choices, crises, and opportunities most of us face after the age of 50. His goal as a voice coach and life coach: to help us make the most of what we've been given.

"Life does not come with an instruction manual. That’s why younger people, particularly the Boomer generation and beyond, will benefit from Dr. Ware’s generous, optimistic, helpful, and timely book. The author draws from his own experience, but leans heavily on experts in other fields including medicine and personal finance. His goal throughout is to assist readers in finding a pathway that is integrated, balanced, healthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly. We are invited to look over Dr. Ware's shoulder in these pages, and to learn from his experience." — Editor & Publisher



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