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How to Work with the IRS: Strategies for Attorneys, Accountants & Appraisers, by Michael A. Gregory
How to Work with the IRS: Strategies for Attorneys, Accountants & Appraisers, by Michael A. Gregory Quantity in Basket: None
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HOW TO WORK WITH THE IRS: STRATEGIES FOR ATTORNEYS, ACCOUNTANTS & APPRAISERS explains the official and the unofficial rules of engagement in working with the IRS. It was written to help estate and gift tax attorneys, accountants, and appraisers that provide services or work with the IRS.
· The book includes 15 CONCISELY WRITTEN CHAPTERS packed with information you need based on 25 years’ experience as a manager at the IRS.
· Embedded throughout are 150 PRACTICAL POINTERS to sharpen the tactics and strategies of attorneys, accountants & appraisers in addressing issues relating to the IRS.
· HUMAN issues and the most significant TECHNICAL specialist, engineering and valuation issues are presented from the point of view of getting to EFFICIENT and SUCCESSFUL RESOLUTION.

Table of Contents

Part One - How to Work with the IRS
1 Introduction
2 IRS Official and Unofficial Rules of Engagement
3 IRS Official Organization
4 My History and Best Practices
5 Issue Resolution and Mediation at the IRS
6 Classification in General; Estate & Gift Tax in Particular

Part Two - Specialists, Engineering and Valuation Key Issues
7 Potential Penalties on Appraisers
8 Reasonable Compensation in Corporations
9 Code Section 409A and Valuators
10 Discounts for Lack of Marketability
11 Most Common Errors in Valuations
12 Strategic Growth Areas for Business Valuation Appraisers
13 Other Engineering and Valuation Related Issues

Part Three - Overall Commentary and Strategic Thinking
14 Strategic Thinking
15 Overall Comments Including “Do’s and Don’ts”

Book developed by Paul Nockleby, Editor & Publisher, Birch Grove Publishing, PO Box 131327, Roseville, MN 55113

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