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ISBN Number Title Price    
ISBN-978-0-9822544-9-3 The Trajectory of Illness & The Mystery of Healing, by James K. Struve MD, MS $15.00
ISBN-9744071-3-5 Channels of Healing, by Owen Dowling $12.00
ISBN-978-0-9822544-3-1 Jesus, My Consolation, by Richard J. Beckmen $12.00
ISBN-978-0-9744071-7-3 Finding Hope & Healing through the Bible, by Roy Lawrence $12.00
ISBN-978-0-9822544-1-7 Prayer: Nurturing Your Relationship with God, by Richard J. Beckmen $12.00
ISBN-978-0-9744071-8-0 How to Pray When Life Hurts, by Roy Lawrence $12.00
ISBN-9744071-0-0 Praying for Wholeness and Healing, by Richard J. Beckmen $12.00
ISBN-9744071-2-7 Time for Us, by Richard and Solveig Beckmen $12.00
ISBN-978-0-9744071-5-9 Sent to Heal, by Harold Taylor $25.00
978-0-9822544-4-8 Alternative Therapies: The New Frontier in the Christian Ministry of Healing $15.00


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